Wednesday, May 15, 2013

In depth Comparison.. Legit and Fake Doernbecher 4

Recently, a lot of fake or so called early released doernbecher 4 are storming the sneakerhead community and a lot of people are being fooled in buying fake/er ones..

With that here is a guide that will help you guys to distinguish a fake db4

Box size: It is very obvious that the fake ones have a lrger box than the average size of a jordan box..

Here you can see the difference in jumpman and the white material inside the shoes. As shown, there is a big difference in the jumpman, and the white material of a legit pair is well made and finer than a coarse and bulky feel of a fake pair.

Toebox: Always look at the toebox too, the fake pair has "MORE AND SCATTERED" lasered arrow design than the legit pair..


Heel tab: legit pair rectangular design in heel tab is well made, unlike to those of fake pairs most designs are fading and sometimes absent. Also notice the color and the way the stitching was made between the two pairs, If you have a keen eye its easy to spot

Also you can see a big difference in color and craftsmanship of the jumpman logo..

One of the easiest way to spot a fake are:

Superman logo: always check the following when looking at a legit pair..

-white trim material above the tongue must be fine and well made and straight
-Difference in superman logo. Legit pairs have a more vibrant and wider superman logo than  a fake pair.  Also check that a legit pair superman logo diamond logo side tips must be "VERY VERY CLOSE" to the blue square logo background side stitching. Also look on how the blue logo background side stitching was done. 

Difference at the back of the tongue what material
Legit got a finer  feel than a coarse looking and feel of a fake one..


Legit Pair logo and stitching close up:

Make this a comparison guide in order for you guys not to be fooled by fake sellers. Hope this guide will help a lot of sneaker enthusiasts out there.


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