Friday, May 17, 2013

Legit and Fake Comparison: Air Jordan Royal 1 Retro

  On Feb 2013, a second original Air Jordan 1 colorway  hit the  stores – only this time it’s done right. The Black/Varsity Royal colorway does indeed carry the heralded ‘Nike Air’ in a interesting year of brand follies, making it one of the most biggest releases of 2013, Unfortunately these are released in a very limited quantities here in US and people take this opportunity to make fake pairs and i mean high quality fake pairs of royal 1. So with a help of someone here are some tips to spot a fake royal 1. Photos of a legit and fake pair are shown below.. I encircled the flaws for you guys to see.

Difference in the soles of a fake and legit royal 1 pair

Fake royals are taller than a regular Retro High 1`s

Height of the shoes.. stitching and Air jordan difference

Bonus how to spot a fake pair.. The NIKE AIR LOGO AND SWOOSH AT THE TONGUE



  1. Please check my Royals. Thank you!

  2. Concerned SneakerheadJune 10, 2013 at 12:38 AM

    I may be blind, but could you please elaborate on the last pic when you say the Nike Air Logo and Swoosh at the tongue. What exactly on the fake stands out?

    1. check it again.. look at the swoosh of the pair on the right.. it doesn't look like a swoosh but a canoe :)

  3. Is it a grey market pair or a fake pair. what do the tags say, any difference on them?

  4. this helps a bunch, thanks

  5. To be honest not much of a difference
    Id totally buy those GM or fakes for retail
    I feel bad for those suckers who buy on ebay

    any comment on these?...
    still learning the ropes

    1. Hopefully you figured it out by now, but if not, here's a couple big tips that will help you when buying not only sneakers, but clothing or anything else that is highly sought-after and sold out upon release:

      Know what the item you are trying to buy is valued at. Know what it is selling for. Find out as much about the product as you can, like the differences between this version and past versions, what accessories it came with, etc.. Once you know the price, you can tell right off the bat if 99% of stuff is fake, without even looking at it. When it comes to online shopping (or shopping anywhere else for that matter) for highly sought-after goods, IF IT LOOKS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT PROBABLY IS.

      The shoes in the listing you posted - the Air Jordan 1 OG Bred - released in 2013 for $140 retail, and sold out within minutes. Immediately after they sold out, pairs were selling for $200 to $300 over retail, bringing the price to $340 - $440. The price has only gone up since then, so there is absolutely ZERO chance of a seller charging retail for them, let alone LESS than retail. If a shoe sold out instantly, that means that it is not going to go on sale, since the shoe, y'know, sold out. Even if the shoes were priced at $50 or $100 OVER retail, they'd still be easy to spot as fakes, because people want to make as much money they can, or at least market value.

      Besides all that, if you ended up doing research about this particular shoe, you'd know that the 2013 version didn't come with the silver Jumpman keychain/hang-tag seen in the first picture. The version that had that accessory was the 2001 version, which is even rarer/more valuable than the 2013 version, with pairs selling for well over $600. Also, the shoes in the pic with the Jumpman hang-tag showing appear to have the wrong tongue tag/label, which is another red flag.

      But honestly, none of these little facts are necessary if you know what market value is. Now that you know these things, you (or anyone else who reads this) should be better equipped to tell if something is authentic or a scam. But still, these tips aren't enough. My best advice is if you want to get into sneakers and/or anything else that can end up being a costly hobby, make sure you learn as much about it as possible, unless you don't care about potentially getting scammed and losing money by buying fakes. There are tons of shady people out there looking to scam some newbie who doesn't know better, so be smart and do your research, or find another less-costly hobby/activity to get into. Hope this helps!